The indian spice kitchen

Experience The Vibrant Tastes Of South Indian, North India And Chinese Cuisine !
"South Indian cuisine is known for its spiciness, North Indian cuisine is famous for its richness, and Chinese cuisine is characterized by its bold flavors and textures."
- Padma Lakshmi-

About Us

Welcome to the Indian Spice Kitchen

The newest addition to Colombo's vibrant food scene! We specialize in serving authentic South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese cuisine. Our restaurant is located in the heart of Colombo, where you can enjoy a relaxed and cozy atmosphere with friendly service.

Our Menu

“Discover the flavors of India and Chinese cuisine with our South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese cuisine menu. From spicy and tangy to rich and creamy, we offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients and authentic recipes.”


“We kindly request that you make your reservations at least one day in advance to ensure availability. To reserve your table, please use our online reservation form or give us a call at 0112 082 824. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant!”

0112 082 824

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